Monday, December 7, 2009

Want to be there always

Last Saturday morning we was late woke up because no work and no school for alex and it's weekend.We was woke up almost noon so it's so short time to be here on blog.We just been a few hours in sentrum what is called this in english center or town then after that we need to prepared what things to brought for travelling on the way to the restaurant where my husband and his friend Frank to played a band.Hubby called this playingjob this is he's side line to support his small family what he means with us,me,he and his son alex.I really want to joined even it is faraway.It's almost 3 hours to go from here in hours and to that restaurant.It's near at beach and we stayed at cottage overnight.It's very cool becuase it's very nice place there.I enjoyed also that time becuase i saw another places that have many snow.Very wonderful sorrounding the high way,the many high hills and houses.I saw the ocean become to an ice.The water or lake too.In the restaurant so much guess was dance,eaten.But i don't really like the norwegian dishes it's a fish from lake.I was eaten the meat from pig i guess so it's look like.And i was sitted there all night.And my husband he has a friend name Holdford want to dance with me but i really don't want to dance becuase i don't know there dance and he always asking and asking until i said seriously i don't know to dance and i really don't like to dance.Until he said from now on he would never ask me to dance and he make a deal if i want to dance i going to ask him. And badly some guess at restaurant want to dance with me too but i always denyed and denyed..And i said with him I'm so sorry i really don't know to dance and i dont really don't must better he said ok,becuase he is drunk already.

My beloving hubby played guitar and he sang too.And i feel very pity with him becuase it's very tired to have this playingjob and travelled long way..At the beginning i'd joined him at the first was he sang i was got tears in my eyes and i don't know why i was very touch.I was understand now it's not easy to earn money and some people wasted money.