Friday, January 1, 2010

Celebration 2010

We celebrated our new year time at place where did my husband had playingjob.It was midnight they husband stopped a little while and announced to went out to saw the fireworks outside.And this one of some pictures i took .We spent our new year to the many norwegian was dancing and drinking.Almost of them are young women and men.While my husband and his new partner Joar doing band i was just sitting there and watching,listening and observing in my sorrounding.And i knew that people drunk already because they walked not straight and almost it will fall down.And some of them also observing of me and asking why is it i just sitting alone ?But i answered i have my husband who one of the band.They are curious and worried with me..HEHE AND some saying Happy new year..Well thanks of them..And be good new year to all and may the new year will be doing to everybody.HAPPY NEW YEAR!WELOME 2010!!!!!!!!!
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