Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday again

Hello guys,How are you all?I was not here yesterday because i was go to at mountain to my house with my mother.Yesterday morning was having good condition of weather no more rain even the sun not yet goes back but it is ok we can travel to go at mountain.And mother was very happy she got home,she don't like to stay here in my aunties house it because she was feels very boring.And when she got home she was happy to huges and kisses to our younger brother and also the second younger brother too.Even they are very naughty boys but mother very missing with them and also to our 2 big brothers and one sister.And ofcoures to my father,i was very missing also them becuase long time i am staying here at town,and faraway with them.I prefer to stay here at town because of my hubby while we are communication by using this computer and chatting and seeing at web cam only.Somestimes we having misunderstood and i know it is normal and he said too this is normal in married life.And also to my mother sometimes we are misunderstanding about everything and financially but all i can say with them i have no work and i can't help this only this little transferring to my hubby i shared only this my budget payment,food here in my auntie and also at mountain.Before we was leaving yesterday to go home at mountain i been already fix this computer at night but i did not used to operate and make blog it is because i was feel very tired .I been changed the memory of this computer because the memory cannot work out so i been buying a memory at a little city here.I been travelling to buy only this memory then it's work out now and make it format this computer.The man said maybe there having a virus that's why the memory was broked.And we left yesterday at morning after breakfast and we riding a motorbike this motorbike this is usually used to travelled at mountain.It's not easy to ride this but we will enjoyed too.I just slept one night at mountain i need to go down here at town because i got text messages in my cheap cellphone from my hubby that he was yesterday on chat.But i been responsed that i am at mountain and he said too we will see here on chat this afternoon today. We been chatting in a short time because he was doing to renowate his kitchen with his friend.And one reason too is the other neighbor place in my barranggay is feista today.I been visit the church and pray for the Senior Santo Nino.This barranggay or which is called also barrio i was been also school here at from kinder to grade graduate.I was meeting to our few classmates and they are already married and having some kids.Wow,life is so wonderful from younger kids and now they are having kids too.I just imagine when i can having baby?When i can have no more problem?I am thinking and comparing myself with them.Is it they have no more problem like i have now?They looked happy so i just imagine what there life goes on.Maybe they have problems but they are pretending and making still smiling.Oh yeah,i believed that laughter is the best medicine.So guys,i know we have any kind of problem and all i can say to all just keep smilling.And weekend time tomorrow and happy Friday.All of us here at Philippines happy pet Senior.