Monday, February 15, 2010


On this weekend was lot of snow.I took this pictures on last few days.It had so much snow in our backside of the house.It seems very thick now becuase had been also snowing storm.Yesterday and also today it was snowing.When i arrived at Oslo i didn't yet see the snow but it was starting so cold there at airport and also when i arrived in here at Harstad.I want to try to take out the snow outside but i don't want because i know i going to freez.Even i just going outside then i can feel it those falling snow i going to be freezing.I just feel happy to see it but not to touch hehe..On last saturday we was attended a party with the friend of my husband we he grown up.He also playing on those occasion but it's free no payment becuase the old woman who celebrates the birth day on that time it was the close friend of the mother of my husband who helping so much when the time she lived alone.So,he offered to play without payment.And then is not so faraway from here in house to that place but before that we planned to going back home after.And badly the weather not good it was so windy and like storm snow.So my husband afraid to drive back home and we staying on the room they reserve for us.And i felt not good maybe i was little drunk..I drunk about 5 glasses of white wine.As i heard is not so strong but my head going not good and i decided to sleep and until it's better.
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