Saturday, July 3, 2010


When the time we travel on the way in the playing job we always passed by this so much sheep.When we back home i tried to took  some picture.This was just few i been take.Now,are summer that's why they are in the yard.Once,they are cold time they just staying in the animal house.I saw a lot of this,sheep,reindeer,horse and sometimes the elk.
An elk can be aggressive  if they can see the car and people.Sometimes,my husband ,Alex and i  saw two reindeer passed on the high way and our driver  Alex who was practicing and my husband shouting!stop!because reindeer can be cause of serious accident.So must better to drive carefully,and slowly not so very fast.We saw also elk in the straight eating the leaves and this was the first i saw it,so i asked  my husband to drive back and i wanted to took some pictures but they run so fast and go away..huhu..