Sunday, January 10, 2010


This are our books.We starting in simple word.It's seems we starting from the beginning(grade 1).In this two books have 2 cd's putting at the back pages.We can heard about the topic every pages of the book.We can heard also how to pronounce the word and how to read this.And last Friday we been at library .We shall know if what kind we need to borrow there.Yeah,we can borrow books with the limition in one month and after that time we need to going back at library but if incase your'll didn't return it will charge into 20kr.Well,it just first notification but in the second time they will sending messages it will be more and more charges.They was teaches there that must better to start look like kinder garten.We need to start to read the books for the kids.And need to heard some simple word out of the cd's like fairytale becuase it can be easy to catch every simple word.And also we can borrow the film and movies.
It has there many books like translation example FILIPINO to NORWEGIAN and many other languages.We can use also the computer there.The newspaper not required to borrow but we can sit down and read.And they requires to having librarian card.We filled in with our name,address and telephone number so that they should know our names and they can send messages in our address and they can contact in our telephones.In next week we are authorize then to borrow the books.
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