Saturday, November 27, 2010

time to make home fint..

It's many things to think on this coming christmas.  We need to think what a things we need to buy for gift to our special love ones, relative, friends and ofcoures our family. I think much now how to make feel good and looking our home. We been at the store to change the curtain decors in our home. And we choose this color with lovely heart in decorations. We have very simple and not big home. So, even it is not so big must better to make good looking.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Busy for christmas

It's been long time wasn't updated my blog here because I was bit busy  to prepared for christmas. A lot of many people preparing christmas gift or decorations. I worked at big store today I saw a lot people buy for gift to thier family, relatives and etc. I planned to look at a nice and meaningful  things for my cousin and to her daughter. I saw  london fashion that give me interesting to buy  something for my cousin.
I felt coldest today and I need to have more cothes to protect the cold weather here. So, I must to have some warm and fashionable clothes. Christmas Fashion 2010 are the big dream to anyone.  So this christmas party will become classier. It will be a social looking and good networking cooperations. It's obviously are so cold now because winter season come. So, we need more trends for fashion. Winter  2010 Fashion Trends inspired  the features styles of thier glamour. They inspired big florals and classic checks. This trend is an easy one to start piecing together now as many of its key pieces can be picked up second hand or vintage, giving the look more individuality and creative appeal.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Personal situation

Hello guys, a bit long while I did not yet update here my blog. I did many things that was very important matter in my life. I was succesfull on our speaking test yesterday. I passed it. I was thankful on it. I hoping they are same result on writing. God guide me.
Today, I speak my sister that she need more things at school. She want to have new backpack. She is complaining that is so difficult to carry her things at school. Anyway, I was looking on the kids backpacks that can used long lasting until she can used into another school year. While surfing on school things I remember that she need another personalized duffle bags for using in another activities.  I read also about this ;
 Dallas lawn maintenance where you can get more reflective things on maintenance. If you have time to searching on or you are willing to know more on them. Just take around and visit them.