Friday, November 13, 2009


Hi,everybody..I am finally here in Norway with my husband house and i am very happy and also my husband ofcoures he is i think.I got visa last October 20,2009.And i was at embassy of manila last Monday and at once i got the stamp of visa at the same time.In the next day i was also at CFO to get the sticker .Last Wednesday traveled on long way from Manila to Amsterdam in 12 hours and then from Amsterdam to OSLO Norway in more than one hour.And so strange to traveled alone because this is my first time traveled in long way.But my husband advices to me that it is safe at airport and it is easy must better to asked and asked that what i did.Actually,so cold here in Norway after arrived here in OSLO airport i am freezing.Here in Harstad starting now the snow.Oh my god!Its so cold but i guess i can manage it all soon i hope so much.Maybe i will be feel so cold at the beginning but soon it will be ok.But atleast now no more waiting time.God much.