Wednesday, January 20, 2010

elk meat

On this picture we can see the meat and it's look like (adobo)i don't know in English  adobo.I will tell you i never cooked a food in my own taste that can eat another people.In our freeze here we had many meats of elk and bacon.We got this meats of elk to the man who was hunter on the land that they owner  from the father of my husband.This is somewhere in Harstad  and called village.This is forest where the elk and reindeer are mostly staying.We got this before Christmas and we stocked this in our freeze.My hubby planned to make grill in this coming summer.Okay,i would told you what is the taste of this hehe..You know i don't know how to cooked.But after i got school yesterday and my husband was went at worked also.And i felt hungry and i wanted to eat with rice and can make full in my stomach.So i decide to get out one pieces of elk meat.I was waiting 2 hours to melted because it's frozen.Then after that i putting some ingredients like vinegar,soy sauce,little salt,onion and lemon.I wanted to put something like garlic but no more stocked in freezes.It seems i was marinating but i know it was wrong.But the  taste is ok and it's look normal meat .But i just the one  eating and it was a little sour maybe so much of vinegar hehe..

Dan Cake

This hindbær roulade.As i thought  and understand it had  the berry rolled inside.It's tasted delicious and i love it.We bought this and i tried it what is good and it wasn't wrong.Tastes yummy.And this pictures i was the one eating.hehehe