Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend again

Hello all,it's weekend again today.First of all i wanna to thank my new follower i got and also who the one to comment in my blog.Thank you so much all of you.I been shocked and happy because i got a new comment and follower.Even,i have a problems about the way by using my English speech here.The verbs,grammar and everything i been writing .But anyway,i believe i can manage this soon.Well,this blog is all about my life going on.Today it is Saturday and weekend day.And tomorrow it's Sunday church time.As today i been doing only cleaning outside and also inside the house.My mother planned to go home at mountain but at this afternoon have been raining until now this night. She cannot walked at wet land, because it is not good for her .And tomorrow we will see if having good weather.Maybe she can go home soon.Well,as my called at mountain this afternoon to know if they had still food there but my sister was saying they only ate a banana food.They have not more rice for cooking in every meal from yesterday until now.My mother worried about the situation of mountain.I can help only to give a little money for rice.But this money is not enough for rice consume only for few days.Probably problem with us are financial.But we can make ways to solve this all.I believe that all problems having solution.Okay guys,from bottom in my heart i wish you all happy weekend.