Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our pity house in moutain where i come from

This my family.

This is in Panglao Bohol.

This pictures near at beach club resort at panglao bohol.


Hi,guys.Since many days past from when i arrived it's been long time i did not online and write here on blog becuase it's have been problem this computer here and got no connection.Here in North Norway now we cannot seen a sun my husband said that 2 months no sun oh my god its always dark .But if it have snow maybe lighter the sorrounding.First time i've seen snow i was shocked and i said oh what is that!but hubby said it was snow'hehehe (ihas sa snow).Outside in house the land and sorrounding are all white.It's snow,the snow look like rain and so cold.The temperature very big different from Philippines imagine from very hot world and now i am here in very cold world.My mother worried about me because she afraid if i can manage here because i have (kabuhi)i dont know in english kabuhi.But some problem in stomach if you know english of that tell me please?thanks..And a very big stange to me is the food.Very different from where i come from.But i hope so i can be likeable soon.I don't have big problem of food but in first taste maybe not so much like but in another time it would be better i guess so.

There some pictures where we been at bohol on last September 2009.