Thursday, February 18, 2010


I felt not good this morning.I thought i cannot went at school.But my husband massage a little my head and stomach.I had colic i am not sure if it is called colic in english.Sometimes i had that pain it will connect in my head.So,must better to massage a little and taken medicine but it was going better.
I wondering this picture here.We can see it was summer season.I found this on computer.I think this was in the outside of house.It's look nice and feel better i think on this season.Not like as now the sorrounding at outside it's full of snow and feel cold.I wondering how could it will be in summer here?Somebody told me and also my husband that it's very nice in summer season.Oh,i feel excited and i can wear not double clothes hehe..We can see soon how could it will be!!!!!
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