Sunday, December 4, 2011

back for w/out log in for 4 months ago

I didn't think at I will be back here now. I confused when I blocked my entrecard address. I just remembered I forgot the password in my accout that's why I thought to stop it on blogging but  as now I thought I think it is better I must write her.
I did not slept well last night becuase I thought a lot of terrible thing. I was dream and I woke up and not back slept again. And also I got hungry and I decided to stood up and eaten already. I have alot to pay attention now when now is coming christmas soon. I don't know how wisely using to buy a good present to love someone. I think to have a present some few friends and I must think also for my family.
 My budget is just enough for them. I have also to think for christmas party and more something is neccessary. For four months ago I was not here. And that was because I am busy everyday. Maybe also becuase I exhausted form work but I really thought now it's better I must back here and updated . I lost many thing I was done here. Have a nice Sunday everyone.