Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Are mostly boys just only take an advantage?

She's name Maricris. She is Filipina. She is one of my friend list at Facebook.
Hello guys! Hello every body in all  whole world!
How's my day? My day is kind of quite bored. I had been today at town and searching again some praksis plass but not luckily late again and will gonna come back tomorrow.
Uff! And went straight home by walking from town until in our house.  I have been walking because i couldn't waiting the buss goes in one hour. So I came home with so sweating and little tired.
 And then, sitting here at computer while relaxing, dropping and thought what I rather'd  to updated post today. Well,  here we go.  I have been thinking and seeing one of my friend at Facebook post that her ex-bf   block her in the friend list and she got hungry!  She thought maybe the girl friend's of her ex-bf did it.  She was not sure anyway if she did it.  Base on her word,  she was only to broke up the guy because she knew that he has many women.  And she said that she did the  good things  and why he did that to block her in friend's list .  Maybe, she used only to this guys.  This guys just only wanted personality she said. And she thought that mostly boys just only take an advantage.  Don't you boys?

Well, I don't have any idea about relationship between into a Pinoy boys hehe..Actually,  I should honest I am N B S B before. You know what is the meaning about that?  It is no boy friend since birth.. hehe.. I got only this my husband now. I wanted to advice her but how? hehe.. That's why I said you shall cheer up and moved on . Be calm and just relax it's well gonna be okay. And now, she gonna have flight on that time to Singapore to visit her friend's there but she was so angry that the invitation not yet came and she paid the ticket already and I did not know now what happened with her! Hehe..
Remembered everyone must better to make sure that visa is already get and before to pay the ticket! hehehe.. And informed must earlier to cancelled the ticket so that you can get a refund. I am not sure if  she got refund on those ticket. It's not  an easy to go abroad  if you are alone and all the documents not ready! Thanks on my time wasn't any problem.
Well, that is life on her.  And I need to stop here and make some house working.  And relax a little and I hope you all guys here have a great day.