Sunday, July 18, 2010


Are you one of those sea sick?  I have problems on transportation one of this  taxi,van that i don't like the atmosphere inside, also the ship and the boat that's i hate on travel. Mostly all  types of transportation i really hate because i get easily vomit. Yesterday, we borrowed a little big car for the instrument and i hated the smell inside that smelled cigarettes.hehehe.. Maybe everybody thinks i am so (maarte  )hehe that's really i did not understand on myself when every i have travel i feel not good in the certain of smell through in my stomach and that's can cause i gonna vomit. And today, on the way back home i got very painful in my stomach as in very pain!  I have been shouting as in very loud!  I have been speaking very loud with my husband.  As in very pain, because on that i have been  crying and crying . When we got home, went  directly into WC and did successfully job and got little better..hehehe