Thursday, July 22, 2010

IKEA shopping mall

I am so tired now. Even do i am so tired and would like to lay down but i keep my self still awake because once i got sleep in the day time i cannot sleep good in the night and i going to disturb my husband who is sleeping. hehehe..Folkens, you know why i am so tired now? Because, i have been sleeping just only 3 hours today. You know why! We got home today  at 6 o'clock in the morning out of our long trip from here in Harstad until Haparanda,Sweden where is the IKEA shopping mall. IKEA shopping mall are there where we can shop all the things in the house. Like what i mean are for kitchen,for the room and etc.except food. We almost shopped for the kitchen and the few things.
We started yesterday to traveled at the time of 8 o'clock and arrived this morning at  6 o'clock. See! If how long our trip! Because we have been driving 8 hours from here in Harstad until Haparanda,Sweden. And then, we just stayed there in the shop in two and half hours and after all , we have been driving on the way home in across by river the bridge where is the part of land between Sweden and Finnland. We have been driving on the way back here in Harstad by the road and pass by Finnland. Ufff! So very tired almost all the time have been sitting in the car. I got painful in my ass! hehe ...And one thing i did not forgot when we did not found a small kafe or store to eat. We have been looking in Finnland for food but all the store was closed! OMG! We thought we cannot continued drive home because no more open gas station haha..And after a while, found an autamatic gas station but so terrible it was not accepting the Visa Card. Must better, there's some Norwegain people who was camping car that there stayed a while and adviced to take out euro money in minibank somewhere there in Finnland. At last, it was accepting by machine. hehe.. And while have been driving the rain never stop and we saw a big Elk in somewhere in Sweden and also many times we saw much reindyr. hehe
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