Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi,today is birthday of my dear one hubby.I wishes for him he have more and more birthdays to come.And also to have good health everyday.I have a poem for my dear.

We don't live in a mansion,
we don't dine on caviar...
Our lives are fairy simple
that's just who we are.
but I wouldn't trade it in...
not for riches,jewels
or fame,because you
make each day special,
and I love you
more than words can say.
Not only today or tomorrow,
but always and forever.
Remember that i really
Love you very much.

Happy birthday my dear!!!

I don't have money to buy in a special gift for you.I made a birthday card from tha bottom of my heart so that i can givee something from me.I hope you like it and wishes you again to have always good health and more birthday to come.I love you more and more words i can say.But you know that i do so..Sorry for the time i acted look like child but i hope so i can changed this sooner.And thank you for everything and also to be with me.

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