Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good day

Yesterday, it was a good day for me.We went at Lappoten this is the name of store and it is part of Sweden to shop many things like bacon,chicken,chocolate,drinks and etc.We bought 10 kilos of bacon because it is a bit cheap than here in Norway.I was enjoyed while travelled to saw any curious places and it was very interesting to me because it was first time also i been at Sweden but not totally all part of this but it's doesn't matter.Maybe soon i can be tour there hehe..It almost more than 5 hours both ways.It can be terrible we just riding in our small car .It was so strange much snow at that ways if it windy we cannot see the road and it will closed in front the car window.While i enjoyed to see many nice places like this what i took.This is water from the mountain and become sticky ice.It was so interesting to me because look like many falls in Philippines but the different of this water falls it is ice now.
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