Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back again here

Today is my first day at school.  It was so excited . My schooling to finish a coures. It's just have to finish a coures something like that. I have been three years here Norway and I got problem to speak english. I decided now to write again. Then and sooner I might  be update my page again. I should focus learning and speaking norwegian coures. And also I gonna periority my school now to finish my goal. To learn norwegian coures is also a hard ting to do also.  However, why I cannot do it If I am serious to do it. Because another people  can do it why it is I am not.
It hard to think anyway. It will progress many years. Its take 60 months to have experience to commit the goal. I have some experience where I worked at place before. So, it will not so long more if they approved that I had also experience many years before.
It will a busy day. I going to have temporary work . I should work to have more  experience on this coures.  It so difficult, don't you? Well, you guys not understand on it why I am talking about. Well, I must to say have a nice day everyone...See you all around when I see you all again..