Friday, May 21, 2010

I'll learned

I would like to shared about what  i learned today at school in Norwegian languages.Today is short day at school.They are only four hours this day.I gonna say that her in Norway,they have 45 minutes at school and that is counted into one hour.They worked  within eight hours in one day.My husband said they got good salary and not so  long time working.He worked at local newspaper.Which is mean that this newspaper are just only at News,commercial,sports in part of whole  Harstad.They have  two kinds of National newspaper the VG and Dagbladet.VG are   Verdens gang which is mean World  time.Dagbladet is the National newspaper.They have also et ukeblad.Ukeblad er magazine.

They  are about on Home(Hjemmet)Allers,Norsk ukeblad(Norwegian magazine),Women and Clothing(Kvinner og Klær).There are four meals in Norway.They are breakfast(frokost) lunch,(lunsj)dinner,(middag)supper(kveldsmat).They have many types of berries.There are cranberries(tyttebær),currants(rips),strawberries(jordbær),gooseberries(stikkelsbær),raspberries(bringebær),blueberries(blåbær).They are four season in a year.

There are summer(sommer),autumn(høst),spring(vår),winter(vinter).There some many rules that different from where i came from.I went at Norwegian languages everyday.In the three days we have whole day at school and they are  six hours in  each day.And the rest two days are only four hours in each day also.I learned a lot of many things.I can speak but not normally all word.I were been in school in almost six months.Since,4 of January i started on it until now.We gonna have holiday on this coming July 2.We just finished our first level of exam to prove that we can speak Norwegian.They need that we can pass the second level of exam that they need at municipality.But if i gonna go to at school as a normal student they needed to pass this third level exam and also this Bergen test.Which is that mean that we are really known about Norwegian languages.Bergen test is the languages from Bergen.This some places that is big city.Look like in Oslo is the Capital city i think.If someone gonna go at University it should pass this Bergen test.I really gonna want to go study in University but i need to attend also this Videregånde which is means that is High School.
My contact teacher at school told me that i need to attend that as soon as possible.I have limited time now,i need to speak so much but the problem with me  they   are depending on my age.I thought i cannot catch up that time because i just only 2 years that i need to learn Norwegian languages.But we will see on it later on.There something i can share with all,i learned today about direction of the  old furniture here in Norway.Imagined all of the things that they don't need to used they going to return at the shop.

And some are have those shop that all things are was used.They called that they are second hand.The name of the shop here in Harstad are Fretex.Some of the refugees are prefer to shop her so that  it is free of tax.Everything in her are expensive.Is really nice that's have a good worked.I learned this thing when my teacher gets some of news paper at school today to learned about changing something like clothes once they don't need to used one of  these they going to changes at some friends that they like it.This is  very wise about used thing here.Every bottles here are have paint into one kroner.We collecting all of these and return into the shop and you can get some money.All papers,cartoon,glass things that can easily broke are need to put in the trash can near  the some shop..They puts all of these separately.I feels excited  we gonna travel until Tromso by car.Tromso are the big city near here in Harstad.I feels excite so that this is my first time to go there.They said that they are big city.There so much population there.We gonna go there to gets some of the friend in mind  of the son of my husband.It's faraway.It  will be seven hours to drive both ways.My husband said that we gonna back home at maybe in midnight.I planned to have some pictures so that we can know what this town.