Monday, January 12, 2009

I am worried

Hello guys,now is Monday.First of all i wanna to thank to my new followers i got now and comments.I been appreciated to all of you.I know and we know sometimes we can feel worry about for everything.As my thoughts now,it is about my worry.As a young wife or a woman i will be always worried to my hubby if he still faithful with me.We are always chatting and seeing on a web cam.It is almost everyday but it is depends on the time of his work.As his words,he is always faithful he is not unfaithful.But sometimes i will been thinking maybe he is not.We are stay faraway each other and i cannot see him if he is still or not faithful.I was been applied entry visa and it was denied.Entry visa it can only process almost 3 months but mostly who been applying of this are also denied.I am now apply another visa which is called this Family Reunification.And i am waiting again and i am worried if it will be deny too.And i am very hoping so much it will be granted soon as possible.Family reunification visa are processing around of 8 months.It will be take so long more of waiting.And long time more again not to see each other.For me it is not good but i have no choice i need to wait.Then i looking forwarded to his place if i can accept and manage the climate there.Hubby said that it is a big different and changes with me there.About the food,custom and everything .His place is a coldest country.As what people i heard that Norway is very cold.I am worry about this if i can do this.How ever i am thinking that why people staying there they can survive and stay long.So, I think i can do that,maybe at first time i cannot.But hopefully this married will become successful and happy life.Have a great Monday everyone.