Sunday, January 3, 2010

Walking !

We walked today as our exercising.Because last night been storming snow it's a little thick the snow outside.While we walking i took some pictures and ofcoures i can't do it by myself and also my hubby was taken to me.This our some pictures that i played the snow.He likes so much to walked becuase it's very good to lungs and it is fresh air,that he said.And i knew i felt very cold if i didn't wear some much clothes.So i thought to wear 2 sweaters and one blouse with 2 pantyhouse and 2 jogging pants hehehe..And after walking i felt very sweating.And felt very good.

Anyway,i would like to thank you so much those who was visiting and dropping my blog.You can see if who you are i put you all in my links..thanks a lot and hope so you will continued to be my friends here.
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fetus said...

thanks a lot for including me!

julieta said...

no probz stay be good friends..