Saturday, January 23, 2010

At library

We are in the library this time.We borrowed a book from kids.It is easy to read a book that had picture and small text of word.Like i had in my hand is that an apple on that picture and in norwegain is eple.It was a good idea that we read a book from kids it can be not difficult.But some another was borrowed a book that story and the teacher said that it's hard to understand for so much texts.So, they need to translate or looking and searching at the dictionary.We been studied 3 weeks ago and i felt hardly to understand some words until now.If the teacher discussing and talking without translating into english i will be not understand.And the teacher they can see that one of the thier student cannot understand they will said førstår ikke...meaning didn't understand and that is one of them.And sometimes i thought must better to be a little kids is not hardly to understand.But for me,i wanted to be kids at this situation.Because we been asking with a child at this library they cannot understand english but when we asked into norwegian she answered with us.I hope really that i can understand  soon.
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