Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Hello everyone,it's been long time i didn't yet post here.Because i was a little bite busy out of my Norsk kurs.I concentrated to our lessons and had been examine too.On last friday,it was our second prøve or second exam.And one of my problem also on those past weeks ago it had been bad connection.I cannot get it through and the son my hubby he always playing games.I would be thankful to our friends and visitors whose dropping in this site.I would gladly excuses out my weeks i didn't also visit your site.And this few days maybe i can have good connection becuase have not yet using in another computer and playing games.The son of my hubby was travelled to England to visit his mother.But anyway,this pictures of flower i got today from my dear.He said happy halloween my dear hehehe it was just joke..or bare tuller for norsk.I don't know when he bought this flowers look like it was so long inside the plastic.Maybe he forgot to give it with me.It was just simple celebrating Valentines day.I know some country is very active to had this occasion but i don't know here.I just heard they do not celebrating.
Happy Heart day everyone.
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