Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black Saturday

Hello,I am here now again still feel very boring all the time because of this crazy long time processing and waiting i don't understand any way of this but i hope so much i can still manage more. You know guys i am problem here i accept i can't understand myself why i need to complaining all about this.Sometimes not content for anythings i have now.Maybe i need to become crazy i am not like this before i don't know.I know it has a big changed after i met my dear husband i am not still work so hard now as a housemaid but I am still here at my boss before helping also for the some housework.I know i am blessed now that I have my husband and God knows what's my husband place in myself.God knows that I love my husband so much more than in myself.But sometimes when we talking i will keep silent and not talking I know this is not good but because of my high character i always do so.I am the one doing quarrel all the time.I am the creating problems.Yesterday was Good Friday then cafe was closed then i did not went here.Yesterday just staying house of eve my boss alone,always crying i will get crying because of my situation now i know people have end to be kind on me i know what they will feel with me i am staying with them free.I hate now my situation staying in another house no permanent house.I complain all time this.But i don't now what i need to do i know family of my boss not agree if i still there longer they one of there family got angry with me then she does always before got angry even i am not her housemaid but i was respect here so much before but this past days when the time my classmate visited with me she was got angry without exact reason they saw the things i never know it was so crazy i got feel not good very angry to myself why i am still here if my situation like this..but i know i am still housemaid but no more salary but i hope someday have a blessed from god and have miracle isn't my visa will granted so i can travel at Norway or i wished i have own room that i can stay with out disturbing to the another people i am very shy my situation now my husband know all this but i don't know that the best way to do ...

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