Monday, April 6, 2009


Hello,Happy summertime!and enjoy vacation anyone.This week is the lent week.I just still staying in my boss house before this is wanted to my hubby i staying here because he said he will feel better.I am not alone and we are bonding my boss in every weekend at beach and together went at church too.And about my application no more still news.It's very sad and i need to deal of waiting even i really very tired.We hate this waiting and long processing.But as we said no more options and accept this.But thanks anyway there some advices that i can have so strong and hopefully my visa come soon.I am happy that even i am here at internet cafe we still always communicating each other everyday.While i chatted with him i am visiting also many sites on blog.I happy that i got some friends here.I happy and i am bless got gives everything with me even it is few things but i feel content.Sometimes really not content but i need too.What i have now and everything.

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Secondary Roads said...

Holy week is here. Last sunday was Palm Sunday and next comes Easter (resurrection) Sunday. It's a wonderful time of year here. Spring is in its early stages and the world is coming alive.