Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This pictures was taken on when my the family of boss having reunion.My boss took with me under the palm tree.And in other pictures you can see there they auntie's of my boss.They have blood of Chinese and the right is my boss wearing green blouse next is me wearing maroon obvious i think and in my back one of they auntie of my boss she is Eva,the same name the next and last is Bebie.My boss was want me to joined with them and haven't enjoying with them too.They been very fun,they are singing,dancing and the kids doing some games and also the mothers and fathers.And at the afternoon not so much heat of sun they was swimming. They haven't fun for their reunion.If you noticed my boss is not looking having 2 already kids she look a lady right?She have 2 kids one boy name John Clark 12 years old and he is now grade six this coming school open and she have one daughter too name Frances Marian,11 years and she will be grade 5 this coming school year.

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Secondary Roads said...

Sounds like a good day. I like the new picture of you. It is very nice.

Please come to Secondary Roads today. Two things are waiting for you there.
-- Chuck