Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday and last day of month

Hello,is now the end of march and until now no more yet news about my application from immigration in Norway.So hard this situation and i know that i am not the one experience like this.Well,i always complaining now of waiting this long time processing of my application i hate this..I'd always saying very tired of waiting,from the beginning until now i never adjust my character always complaining and act like a childish.I'd always make a problem to my husband i am the one to create like i am very tired i need to leave Leyte.But i cannot leave Leyte because i have braces i need to check up and adjust every month.Then i complain my situation also here about my house i am not staying in permanent house.And now i am not staying in my auntie's house i am here in my boss before when i am working student,and about communicating in my husband we chatted in cafe because in my auntie's computer already destroyed.Then i am wasting money to paid the internet bill every month because i haven't contract one year at company then i just using 3 months only so my decision of connecting the internet was wrong very crazy.But i think is ok i think very difficult about processing and i tried to accept this i hope i can..

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