Thursday, March 19, 2009

I can't sleep

After i chatted to my hubby i got many tears gone because it is a bad news i got today.We expected is not so long time waiting after he been at interview but we are wrong.He is always calling and email at immigration and they said may takes several months more processing.Oh no,every moment we chatting here with my husband he will saying you have visa soon.And i say when?And now this night i can't sleep i am thinking much and while i write here my tears always drop.It is okay my visa will takes so long if my hubby is always visit with me here but he have short time vacation only of his work.Once a year he have few days vacation likewise in my wedding time it was only few days.It's very pity we did not been taking honeymoon. After few days he was go back to go home Norway.It's very hard the situation like this.But i know i don't have no more choice i need to wait more more time until become crazy.


BK said...

Sometimes when the night is the darkest, it means that soon the day will break. Press on ... don't give up. Have the faith that one day you'll have your visa and be reunited with your hubby. I have a friend who went through similar situation like you and after much waiting, she finally got the visa that she hoped for.

Aispinay said...

Hi maayong adlaw :) natuwa ako sa blog mo ah, youre too honest anyway..Don't get me wrong ha, I just want to help you in your post.

Sana makakuha ka pa ng another reviewer na pwede makatulong sayo, Kasi I want to offer myself as your editor when I am not busy or di naman regular. If you like I can edit your post for you para di masyado maka issue sa grammar.

I am doing this co'z pinay din ako ok?

Wag ka mag alala I'll add you up in my prayers na sana matanggap mo na ang visa mo :)...youre going to norway right?

God Bless always..

Wag mo na approve itong comment ko para di mabasa ng iba. Wala lang kasi ako ibang paraan para ma email ka ok? tc and say hi to your hubby...

by the way I am alym

julieta said...

Thanks,i hope it will be alright soon..

jijie said...

Thats really sad! but don't feel sorry for your self, things will get better eventually once you get that freaking visa that keep you away from your hubby
Keep sane.

Angel said...

Just keep on praying Julieta you and your hubby will be reunited very soon. I feel the same way before, but in time you will see you'll be hugging each other in no time. I have to wait for one year and half before my visa was approve and now hubby and I have two kiddos. Good luck and keep on praying don't get affected by those narrow minded people.

jijie said...

Hi julieta, g add na man ka naku e check imo email. then e confirm to siya to siya so that i can follow ur blog. this is mine,

Go to dashboard, once naa naka scroll down, naa naka butang nga ADD MANAGE e click an add, then imo dayon butang ang URL, mao ni ang URL

see you around girl

Lanie, said...

Hi Julieta, That is the trail of your married, but time will come moabot rana imong visa. Keep praying and don't lost your hope. Don't listen to the people's talking cause it just hurting your feeling. Both of your husband need to support each other. I am sure your visa will approved soon. A lot of Filipina had experience that too, but you know if your husband has money he will come ang visit you again, but this economy crisis it hard.. you need to understand him too. Keep praying and ask for guidance to God. Take care.