Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At mountain

From the beginning,my husband visit at mountain for my family this the first visit with me.H e was took a pictures to my father,that sat down and cannot walk it's very pity to think and imagine that hopefully father did fall from tree so that he can walk until now.He is pity too he cannot talk English he is only grade one.He was not aware at school because my grandmother not obey with him to school.When my husband was there only smiling and did notBU talk my father.My father is best all over the world he is good man ,just work for with us.But this accident just we haven't now maybe this is his destiny.But, i guess so,my husband planned to bring him back at doctor but we need to save some more money it's because very expensive to have operation again.My husband is poor too,having work but it's normal so he offer me to help soon if i can find too work with them at his place.But,this sooner when it will be happen because i was deny my first visa,then i didn't know this next visa and all i can say hopefully it will be granted as soon as possible.Because if we will try and try it will be succeed.

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