Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hi,everyone..I am been up 2 am at this morning very early because my stomach pain ,i was went at comfort room.Then,i have my mens ,in every month i have this period time always sick my stomach.Why is it will be happen?What is the cause?Here,in Leyte this called "Dismenoria"that i s Bisaya and i don't know in English ,if what is it mean?And the date of my mens not exactly in every months .Do you think mind have something wrong or this is normal?I have been asking to myself because if i have period many blood will out.Should i need to go at doctor to have check up myself?I have no idea of this ,because from the beginning when i am starting menstration i have been this many blood out .So,i am hoping that i am ok?Every mens too i am also feel very tired,want to vomiting and another time i was do it vomiting.I want to sleep this time i cannot work and doing something because of pain and my day always not good mood..This will be happen to another woman too?

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