Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mama Mary church

This past week,i was been at Cebu.I was join to my boss,her husband and two kids.We was planned to visit the church of Mama Mary which its called here" Simala".We was sacrifice to go there to have some blessing to come and bless my visa it will be granted.This church look like palace,it's very nice at inside of this church.If you notice this pictures where i am standing now,the view of this church at the mountain or hills.Much people go there to pray and thanks giving for the blessing come in life.
Mama Mary is a saints that she is crying,there some sick gone because they are prayer and sacrifice to visit her church .Much people saying thanks Mama Mary for being me well in sick and some for granted their visa.And i was pray that Mama Mary hopefully by your blessing it will be granted my visa soon,it's because i do missing my husband very much.Before my first applying visa was deny hopefully this next will be granted.We are expecting this time my visa will granted but so sad it was deny,we are expecting too that i will be at Christmas at the place of my husband.And i am hoping Mama Mary that my father can walk soon and gone his sick,and it will be solve our problem of my family.And also i am hoping that i will accept soon the climate,the food,and have good life with my husband which is happy,understanding,if have some problems it will be solve then and have some good job soon it because i will help my family and i want father bring back at doctor and have operation,i hope i can save money for this.Thanks for all mama Mary i hope ,i have good health everyday also my family and my husband.

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