Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Second time meeting in person

At the time that he will back to meet and want to marry with me.He want me to go the international airport of manila to meet him there at in person then we need to go also at Royal Norwegian Embassy to get this Legal Capacity to Marry.Then,another day we was go home here at Leyte to process the documents to marry.And is not easy to marry have some seminars we was do seminars here at church of Hilongos. At last time,our wedding was settle on June 16,2008 at this year,at the time 2 pm the location at the church of Hilongos and my priest was Father Hope.And our reception at the back of the church.,the gym of Saint Theresa School.And after the wedding having still 3 days he will need to go home at Norway.It's been so sad we just spend only few days stay close with us.He will supposed to return at Norway at 21 of June but he cannot travel because having a stormy those time.But we just decided to go at Tacloban for the travel in that next day.He was left 20 of June here at Hilongos,but he was left at Philippines June 23,its because his ticket they need to refund.So,those time it is a day that my tears not gone,I was feel alone,crying because its really hard to stay faraway to our beloved husband but I cannot do we need to wait until I got visa.Anyway,I have been applying visa this is called "Entry visa"but i am denying,its also sad day we are expecting i can spent our Christmas there with him .And now,I am applying again this another visa which it called "Family Reunification and hopefully it will be granted soon so that I can travel on the way to my husband.

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jijie said...

Hey nice wedding and your very pretty. Taga bato layet diay ka? i've been there, very nice place.