Friday, May 7, 2010


Hello guys,i back again.It was long time again i didn't post because you know sometimes a little bite busy also not good internet connection.I heard some of people complain about the weather here i Norway.This month also this coming month are for spring season but this past last month was so bad weather sometimes it will so much snow and a little rain.And this week was wonderful days because it's not so cold and it's little warm.This picture took when i was school.My classmate took this picture.It was suddenly had snowing and after in a little minute it will be sunshine.And they said:Hvor er vĂ¥ren her i Norge?-Where are spring here in Norge?hehehe..They said also maybe they will not spend summer..hehehe..Very amazing country.Before i came here i saw a little light and now it's very early we can see the light and it will be dark so long maybe midnight light.But when  we going to sleep have still light.Oh yeah,summer season next couple month and they said here in Harstad all day and night the sunshine.Oh yeah they are starting now. So,maybe coming soon the midnight sun.

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