Monday, May 10, 2010


It is Monday today and they are wonderful weather.They are not so much cold and hot.I thought this morning to wear clothes for summer.This is my first time wearing not so thick .But i felt little cold,so i wears sweater and dress with under jeans with out thick jeans.I used to took a picture with my self.So,i pleased some of my classmate to took a shot on me.They said:I really like to have new pictures.I like also to take some of the new nices view her in Norway.They say that Norway are the best tourist pot on summer season.There some places here that they have many tourism will visiting and making vacation to see the midnight sun.Some of them make a painting out at the hills ,oceans.Look like somewhere i Lofoten.They said that thiers some tourist go and take a look to the nature.Norway have a natural nature.They are very nice to go on the top of the moutains to see all the views in natures.I like also to go some parts and take some pictures and i going to post here.We planned to have vaccation at Finnmark this coming summer.We should travel by car,with some friend of mind into my husband.Becuase there have many reindeer and mostly people to live with that animals.And they said that it will be nice this summer to go with car so that we can see the view on the landscape.I rather and look forward about that.
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