Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thoughts today

Today our last day of the week in the school.We have  three days no classes,tomorrow,in Friday and also this coming Monday.This coming Monday  are the national day in all Norway.We planned to see the parade in the town.Our teacher discuss about what the activities in that day.She said that some of the Norwegian  people will dance at the park and wearing the national clothes that is  called bunad.It will be happen near in the hospital.There have many banner like the voksenopplæring school.They are the adult immigrants.They are 17.May the national day i Norway.They have also national song"Ja,vi elsker".And tomorrow it will be christian day.Norwegian people are christian.They are protestant or catholic.But mostly of them are christian protestant.My husband are protestant but he can joined also at catholic chruch.But they are not so religous.They are not attending mass every sunday.But they are different belief to God.In the Philippines,I went always at church.I went everyday there becuase i can walked until chruch there every morning.But now,i was not so much because it's little faraway from where i live until the church.It will be 10-15 minutes to drive by car and sometimes my husband he will be lazy to drive me there.I should takes a buss but it will be long to wait and i will be late then at chruch.Because every weekend they not so much people and the buss i  don't know how ofte goes until town.

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