Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Husband's friend of mine

He is Kurt.He lived alone.He is only one living in his big house.He wanted a woman who is nice, slim and no kids.Becuase he said if had a kids is not easy to bring here in Norway and he want to invite in tourist visa to visit him.As i said he is romantic.
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chubskulit said...

i gave this link to a former co worker of mine in School.

Blia said...

LOL! I love this! I will have to post my unmarried brothers on here too! J/K Seriously though, I think this is a neat idea, and I hope your husband's friend finds a nice woman. Happy Holidays!

julieta said...

ok good.

julieta said...

Happy Holidays too...

and also to chubskulit,Merry christmas all.