Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We got a new table yesterday.It's very nice.Suit in the black and with white carpet and also black sofa.And the old one table was brought to my husband's friend in mine.He's name is Kurt also live alone now.He wanted me if i have woman friend who is slim and nice.He is available and also he said that he is nice,kind and romantic.He gonna go to at Brazil at last week of this month .He gonna stay there 2 months.So he was asked favor with us that if we have time to visit there in his house before christmas and before he left.He has big house but he is only one live it.But here in Norway it was normal with them live alone.My husband was lived alone many many years ago before he found me.And sometimes he said that he is crazy because he was prefered to lived alone but he married a young lady but he said he don't care what people saying to him.
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anna said...

I feel so envious of your new sala table. I wish I can also buy a new table before this year ends. You all have a classy taste.