Friday, December 18, 2009


 Dear everybody,
I've been more than one months here in Norway.Today 's snow back.I've been i saw a snow again.We been walking today went to the shop here near in the house i think 10 minutes walking distance.While we walking i enjoyed that the snow falls in my head.I wondered before if what i going to fell if i saw the snow but now i know i enjoyed very.And last few days we got phone called from the authority to a nowergian coures from sentrum she infromed that i should start my study the languages this coming January 4.And now i fell exicited but a bit nervous because i know and my husband told me that thier some i can be classmate of this are from africa and other countries. Those some are refugees and asylants but honesty i dont of them.But maybe thier some Filipina it can be my classmate.I guess i will be going to start like form the beginning now studying.But i going to try my best it can be easy i think if i study seriously.No matter if i cannot speak well about english but atleast i can understand and can talk a little than nothing.I got friend now here  she is the wife of friend in my husband.She is Nana from brazil married to his husband Stig.Stig is kind and also his wife.They met by chatting too but as they told me that my husband was first met Nana and it was by that Stig cannot visit those time so my husband guraantee that she ok for Stig.And if they have problem they complain about gauranntee to my husband..hehe it so funny becuase she got jealouus to his husband sometimes anybody called to him and it was his ex girlfriend.Nana cannot talked english just spoke purtugees and brazilian she cannot speak english but now she can spoke norwegian.So if we talked we just body motion and i'd try to understand because she can undend what i said.She is friendly at the first we met the shop, she hugs me and she talked and tlaked but sorry i cannot understand norge as now i going to study first but she said nei,nei means no no.And i found also a Asian store we bought today a dried fish look like Philippines those salt fish .And it is a filipina who manage this store and i think she is now at Philippines .She been told me she going vacation there this week.She is from cebu.I think she is now there becuase i did not saw today at there shop i was saw a norwegian man manage there maybe he is her husband.While we been walking today i was been asking to my husband to took a picture on me.While the snow fallen.Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream 1.7 fl oz (50 ml)

near the house


fetus said...

snow is amazing, isn't it? good for you you have tried it. :D suya ko. hehehe...

good thing you have a barkada na there, even though you don't understand each other through speaking but i guess you'll get along with them through body motion. :)

Kcirnede said...

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Merry Christmas!!!