Tuesday, December 29, 2009


 Hello guys,I wasn't here to wrote a blog because we stayed two nights in that place did my husband had  playingjob.He played two hotels and restaurants at the same place.So,i couldn't be here to visit site and making new post.I joined  always with him if he have a playingjob.I love to see any another places and any some people.From where we live,we travelled almost more than hours to the pier.We riding  a ferryboat was almost one hour to the Bognes where the place we been.From the pier to the hotel it was about almost two hours drive by car.And after at first hotel  and restaurant we riding just one hour to the second hotel and restaurant.It was so much people did drinking and dancing.And i thought mostly of them was drunk.And my husband said if a norwegian woman got drunk it will become wild.Many young and old woman and man and thier are pretty and handsome.And i was Filipina there in thier eyes i  thought that i didn't  belong with them.So i decided to stayed inside the room watching tv until i got sleeping.

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