Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What is life?

I think people are almost complaining when ever they have worked or not that it's boring! . What will happened  if all together  are not working? How could be if we just sitting and nothing worked to get income ..hehe I let my mind think a little if I've complained for everything that I think I have enough for  food, clothes, house, television, computer and etc. Maybe, because of   there's nothing you can talked all the time and just your closes people who around you in the meantime? Maybe, that's it! hehe.. Sometimes another people cannot have anytime to focused  your intention in the same time because they have so much to do. Or I think they are busy to cooperate their own obligations in  every family. Maybe? Don't you guys? Well! Well! I am always complaining that it is bored life here.hehe..Nevertheless, that I am now at praksis worked in 7 hours and house worked after all. In the meantime, just sitting at computer and did dropping, posting and chatting some online friends. Well, I thought that is normal life either. Must better to accepted all I have now that no more complaining anymore..hehe.. Gotta!!

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Nedekcir said...

Life is what you make of it in my opinion...oy dami mo na ring blog pala...:))