Friday, August 13, 2010

Social Status

Today was our second days at school.  We are from different groups as before we end in the  last time at school.  I thought we are came in three groups.  Some of them have passed the Norwegian test 2 (norskprøve 2).  And we are three woman from our old group.  Some of our classmates they are also in different groups now. We are three woman not already passed the Norwegian test 2. We had been passed with only  Norwegian test 1. When we knew that they are already passed  with in test 2, we have been  shocked because we belong together with them. They are clever than with us. They can speaks much than with us. But we will takes  this test this coming November 2010. Some of them they have been taking  only speaking not included the writing. We have been taking with the speaking and writing and hearing by CD with in test 1.

And,  today we learned about social status. In what way can the social status of a person change when he or she moves to a new country? In my country where I came from they are different ways about how they used the right status. If once you have a great worked, have profession , good income , have a good house, much money, have nice a car they are so high looking with in a poor level. For example, some people will treat down those  who are very poor no more education, little income that they can eat just 3 times a day. And that we belong out  of my family. I realized how the rich people doesn't make the same way. If you're poor and rich  and  that  still your are. But I thought, some country are treat they same ways even you are rich and poor. This country considered  treating as same not high and  low. 

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