Thursday, August 12, 2010

BC Blogger

Hello world, I got a friend that certified full time blogger. She is from Philippines also the same as with  me. We always chatting in messenger and it's almost everyday. We chatting about blogging. She also the one who was  helping me to had  a nice layout in every  each blog. I had problem on downloaded  portion so she was the one who downloading on it and sent it to me. And now, she have been asking with me if her new blog and layout was okay? And it was really nice. And I found this BC Blogger from Paula who is sis with Anygen.
Then, it is now the last day on this and I hope I can joined on this secret to have some friends on blogging. Thanks so much to Paula who is hosting this great event.



Anne said...

hope you follow instruction day.

Paula said...

Hi, We need the BC Blogger links placed in your blog asap. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks