Saturday, December 27, 2008

My life today

Hello,everyone..Today is Saturday here at Philippines and i didn't know today is Saturday i been expecting it's a Friday.I been asking to my aunties what is it day today?and she said it's Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday it's church time and i was remember i didn't go at last Sunday at church because i got sick.Well,sometimes i did not know the time and the day and also the date .But today i was been wake up at 6 am here at Philippines time i was been fix first my bed and direct at comfort room to wash my face and then at sala to open the window and sweep the floor inside my room and also the other parts of the house.Then,i think must better i will wash the clothes then i been finish laundry,and after that i been eating breakfast and brush my teeth then was the dishes and sit here at computer to visit the blog site here and drop.I was been starting here at computer to visit the blog site here at 9 am ,it's very slow the internet connection this morning but i was continue dropping until it's time for lunch i been cooking for rice at 10:30 am,then after that i was also been eating for lunch and wash the dishes again and back to sit here and start dropping the site until 3:30 pm i wanted to stop because it's very very low loading,i must think must better to sweep the outside surrounding it's because have many falling dry leaves. In the past day here always been raining so outside look very messy much of dry leaves.It will takes almost one hour sweeping outside it's not only much leaves it's also big space to sweep,then i am already finish at quarter 5 pm.,then i am showering,dress on and open the computer again then while do dropping here my auntie call me it's time to eat i been eating wash dishes again and sweep floor again and brush teeth and sit here again and dropping until i am finish dropping and do this blog.
Well,my cousin tell with me about this blog, she is doing also blog here and she offer me to do too.In the first time,i don't want it's because i have a problem about speaking in English,i am only high graduate less of doing very good in speech,like have exactly in punctuation,grammar and the way how to use English words.But my cousin convince with me must better i will do too so that i can also learning about this way in English speaking.So,i am trying now,i was starting do the blog this past weekend and start also to member at entrecard and i have been notice and see that it's very fun!Many blog i been visit and read and interesting,this is only by thought and also by imagination,and everything.Well,well i am happy now i do this because even my blog not so good but i am very thankful those who have now my follower and comment in my blog ,and hope so it will continue that it will follow my blog and comment too,it's only about this in my life situation everyday,my experiences,and challenges.
Perhaps,it is also can help with me so that i will not feel boring and the time will past quickly and not counting the days and thinking much that i am waiting the confirmation about my visa.But it's better i do this too because maybe i can earn also this blog.Because my cousin support her parents it's because of this blog.I want also i can have income so that i can help also my parents not only i am waiting for the transfering little money from my hubby.I want to help too but i need to wait for 90 days for the paying post approval,because they will not accept the blog is not older 90 days.And hope so they will agree and confirm my blog,i will hope,see you next time..Happy holiday to all readers and follower...Advance happy new year everyone..

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