Friday, January 2, 2009

Another day again

Hi,it is Friday and second day of new year.First of all,i wanna thanks again those my followers and readers.Even though i have many wrong in using my words here like my verb,grammar and other speech.But,i am impressed that did you do to follow my blog.I know that my other word here is not good and have wrong evaluation.But i am glad that i make it,this is my opportunities that i can improve my word that what i am worry about.Well,while i am visiting to the many site here and drop,i been imagine that how i can improve myself for being a good blogger?Perhaps,maybe sooner i can do this.In the beginning it is difficult to made a perfect and a nice blog.Likewise,what my cousin saying i will learn soon.In the first time is not good but if will learn more probably i can make it.Oh,yes maybe i can do because i believe that they other people can do this, and why is it i am not?I think i need to get more things about exact word.I love English word to hear,speak and the way to pronounce this but my problem is i cannot do to speak in English fluently.I can understand some other word but some i can't like specific word.Oh,no!It is Friday again and tomorrow weekend time i am only doing today is to eat and wash the dishes and this morning i been laundry a few clothes to my aunties not much because here is always raining.Fortunately,must better i have much work like housework it better to me,i don't want only sitting,lay down every time because for me i want always move like i want busy day.Bad time for me if it is raining always,because i feel that i cannot go out at outside.If it have rain i am here always inside at house,for me is not better.I like to clean outside at house in backyard,i love to see the surrounding is clean.But it is ok it been raining as now,maybe soon it will be over.If i am starting here to sit at computer time pass quickly,this is good.Sometimes i forgot the day and date. No matter what i have to do i will think and very missing my hubby it's because long time we will not meet again.Since,we been marry on last June 16,2008 until now we are not yet meeting again.It's very very hard to stay faraway with him but i have nothing to do and no choice i need to wait until my visa granted. And hope so it will be soon.Have a nice day everybody..

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The_Light's_Herald said...

keep on writing! in due time i believe u could also speak and write good english.

i grew up in baybay, leyte though i do not live there anymore.

this is a good way of learning. don't be discouraged, just persevere and you'll be surprised.

happy new year.