Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weekend time

Hello guys,It is now weekend today.But first of all i wanna to thank my comment i got now and very nice messages.And i am encourage myself not to give up.Wow,I am very proud to who comment in my blog and encourage with me to preserve.Yeah,it is true i can do English sooner and i am very hoping so much.But in my hope and gratitude i will do my best i can do this blog.And this is my way to influent my word.Today is Sunday afternoon again i am sitting ,writing and visiting many site here.This morning no more rain i been cleaning outside,it is now good weather the sun is back.And i will go to church after here at 4 pm.Well,every Sunday i am at church and pray,thanks for the good health i haven't everyday and for the blessing come.And i am hoping that he will give more good health ad blessing.And i ask also to god that my mother get well soon.She is still coughing and cannot sleep well but it's better now not like last time she cannot breath.Mother always got sick,she was been before also at doctor and she have maintaining medicine for her sick but because of lock of budget she cannot buy that's why she cannot drink medicine and her sick back.It's because she prefer the little money i give them for food.Anyway,i am breadwinner of my family,i have siblings 4 brothers and 1 sister and also my parents both them got sick.And i prefer only the little transferring to my hubby.My hubby have obligation too.And me i don't have work i just calculate only the money i got and do budget.But sometimes not exactly for food and also the medicine it's because it is also depending on how much the money i got.My brother do a coconut wine but it is also not enough for the consume.But we are still survive. I just think everything is only part in life and this is normal to everybody have many trial but i believe that from now on and soon it will be over.It is not easy to have life like this,and it's ok.In my blog it is about life and this is my true life i share here because i wanna to express what i have now in my thought and it is very sad .And all of this i recommend to god.Happy weekend anyone.

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Ken said...

I am not sure why your site has an adult advisory.