Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am back

Hello guys,i am now here to do blog.Yesterday i did not doing this blog it is because i haven't problem of my monitor at my aunties house about this screen having many colorful.So i think this computer no need to fixed more because it is been long time did not used before i do to connect the internet again.As my cousin say when she been using before it is always having problem so i guess no need to spent and wasting money again to fixed this it will be useless if i will be doing to do it again.I am here now at my boss house,i am here because i am the one to keep her two kids and the house she having a working student like me before but my boss not trust her so much then she been asking and favored with me to stay here while she leaving out of the town.Which is called here big city at cebu where her husband stay there for studying and review then they want to visit at Mama Mary church at Simala when we been before.Then i will be back home then at house of aunties when they back here too my boss at house.

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