Friday, January 9, 2009

I am not perfect

Hello to all friends,it is another day again.As a new blogger here,i was thinking about myself.If how i can improve my own blog.I was choosing about life to consider my true and real life.My real experiences,challenges and happening in life.Sometimes it's full of up and down.As my situation now,I'd always full of down. Since i am young child until i was been married.First,i can't accept but i need to.All of this we know that it is a part of life.But several things I'd been thinking was about financial.But i think mostly people probably one of the problems is financially.Yeah,it is right,but this problem it can be solve then.Look like,i was been disappointed before about my outside personality.I was been worried my skin color before,i look like negra living at mountain.At mountain always exposed of the sun.So,the skin color will become dark.But i had dark skin color anyway.I'd also problem my ugly teeth.While i been smiling before I'd need to close my hand at mouth.Until i was founded my dear hubby at net.While he wanted to make me smile i was closed my mouth.Until we been first meeting before he was decided and promised that he wanted me to having brace.And now,i have braces both lower and upper.And at last i can make it to smile properly without closed my hand.I am very thankful to my dear hubby he did it to me.I can expose my teeth properly while i want to smile talk and feel comfortable. My hubby he loves my skin color,he don't want me to use lotion whitening but before i was wanted to have white skin.But now , i feel comfortable about my dark skin color what my hubby said before and until now i haven't beautiful skin color.I'd remember i was meeting first time he was compared about his skin color than to me.He was said, i have beautiful skin color and his skin color not good.My hubby said also dark color are famous at there place in Norway.But we know every country and every people we have different taste if we like dark skin color or either white skin color.Here at Philippines people love white skin and this is beautiful.But anyway i am not perfect,or everybody we are not perfect.We have different standard and like.We had different problems too.But now on,i been realizing is not good to look down at our self.Must better we needed to care and love what we are like we care and love to people and all of us to god.Happy Friday guys..


Jade said...

Now that's a great point. If we try to please everyone it will only run us into the ground.

I liked the braces part- very sweet (and nice smile in the photo)! :)

julieta said...

Thanks for a very nice comment.Even i been worried about my format and way of English here i am very glad and impressed that you read and comment me..thank you so much..