Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hi,anyone.Today here in my place the province part of Philippines have a good weather, no more rain and sun shine very wonderful.Thanks god the weather back normal and it can easy to work out.It is night time here now about 10:55 pm.This morning i have a wonderful day i were been seeing the sun shine and it is good to sweep outside so that the reflection of the sun and surrounding clean.And it is good to make the clothes dry.So,my aunties and i do laundry and it's nice that clothes dry because of sun shine.And this afternoon,i am starting to sit here and do blog but the power of electricity was lost and back at quarter to 4 pm here.Then,while i was back to open the computer i have another problem the internet connection too was lost.I have been waiting almost one hour while i am waiting i was cook rice for dinner and the main time i do shower too.After that i got text messages to my mobile phone and it is my hubby he is on chat then i am worried i was do call at internet office .Then,i was tell them my internet connection was lost and they was check that have something wrong in the devices. And at last my internet connection back and start talking to my hubby until quarter to 9 pm here and eat dinner.Then back here,visit the many site and drop also do blog.Well,as a young wife have many needed in life and have also responsibility to be a good wife.As my few experiences between my hubby and i before when he is here on married i feel so very great day.It so very nice have a partner in life binds together in bad and good days.For the few moment we spent it was very hurt when he was leaving Philippines.When we are at airport in Tacloban my tears was not gone.I feel very sad those moment and my hubby too.I did not forgot he said i am happy i will go home but i am not happy to leave you my dear wife and i will wait you at Norway and see you soon.wow,this is the moment i did not forgot in my mind until now but i have no choice need to accept and wait.I just think that we will together soon and would be forever.I keep only in my mind as a faithful wife.This is the manner should be good as a wife. I think is it..this is what we promise in ceremony at church in front of god and to people.Well,i have less experiences about married this is my first step i can know this soon.Happy Tuesday everybody..
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