Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend again

Hi guys,weekend again today.I wasn't do a blog yesterday.I been visiting again my boss house again.Then we were travelled too at city almost one hours.I did not open this computer too becuase i wasn't doing well.Not feel i am been travelling.So i was supposed to sleep early last night.And i am not comfortable also to use now this computer i am afraid and worried because having a problem again about this screen had a many color and i don't know why?Maybe it is also the one can broked again this.And fix again!Oh my god,this computer is old and long time not yet been using after my cousin leaving went at USA.I think one reason of this it is because long time not been using or eithier the monitor having a problem.Oh no!I don't know what i should br doing now.I have much spent this i been buying a memory.Maybe i need to off the line of internetconnection if incase it will be broked again this computer.But my problem is it is one month already i did to install this internetconnection and i had contract and mostly one year.And then even it you want to close it it will be continued the payment of this.Oh no! must better i will be prefered at the internet cafe.But most of the time having i cannot go and far also here the cafe that also what i am worried.Almost we will be chatting my hubby at night i cannot do to stay at net until midnight the cafe will be closed this time.Oh my god,what should i need to do.But i will be tried at another man to fix this computer maybe having some chances to do it.Ok guys,happy weekend.

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